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Toby Cozart 

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Mr. Cozart is a tax lawyer practicing in a small firm, Piedmont Law Partners, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He specializes primarily in:

In recent years, he has advised clients about tax-advantaged lease and partnership alternatives for renewable energy financings.  See Lease vs P'ship.  He has also developed and implemented tax-advantaged lease financing structures, including a generic lease enhancement strategy.  He has successfully closed transactions involving tax-exempt entity operating lease and leasing partnership structures.  He has frequently been consulted regarding the risks and rewards of tax products developed by others.  He has extensive experience modeling leasing and partnership transactions using complex mathematical techniques.  See Lease Modeling and P'ship Modeling.

Mr. Cozart has served as an expert witness in a U.S. federal tax case involving a lease-in lease-out transaction.  See LILO Litigation.

His background includes positions as a director for a Big 4 accounting firm, Tax Counsel for a major U.S. leasing company, tax partner at a major West Coast law firm and tax counsel for a U.S. Congressional subcommittee.  Mr. Cozart is the author of Equipment Lease Characterization, published by the Bureau of National Affairs in its Tax Management Portfolio series, as well as other publications.

Mr. Cozart is a member of the bars of California, the District of Columbia and New York.

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